Cornish language / Kernewek

We really do wish you the very best in having a go at dipping your toe into the historic language of the Cornish nation which is being updated and revived faster than you might think. We firmly believe that Cornish is set to become the rightful replacement, of the dialect that used to be heard all over Cornwall but is now rapidly disappearing..

The following is how our course can work for you. Each day from Monday to Friday at approximately 10 past and 50 minutes to the hour, from 7am to 6.50pm we broadcast our unique basic learning course which is both very short and concise.

Well, firstly, a prompt sheet is available to download & print from our language page on our website. Our prompt sheet details the learning module that you are listening to throughout this week. However, you can just listen and all will soon become clear as to how it works. You should have a go at repeating the cornish words. After a brief pause the Cornish words are again repeated and you should now have a really good go at repeating them.

This spoken format is repeated each time until a whole sentence is completed Once the English sentence is complete and spoken, you then hear the whole sentence in Cornish, and a brief pause to allow you to have a go at repeating the whole phrase. The Cornish sentence is repeated again. This time you really should attempt to repeat along with or shortly after the teacher. This helps the phrase to stick in your memory. However, the exact same phrase is repeated throughout the day by a Female or Male voice so that you can drop in again if you feel the need to practice.

Tomorrow, the phrase is broadcast in exactly the same format at the same times each hour. In addition on Saturdays and Sundays our revision programmes are broadcast from 7am to 6.50pm and contain both helpful tips, and encouragement to continue your learning.

The concept is called ‘listen and repeat’ and centres around an english sentence that is broken down into bite size chunks with each chunk spoken in english and then spoken in Cornish, The module starts by asking you to listen to the English words, this is shortly followed by the words spoken in Cornish. In addition we also have a download option to download all of the prompt sheets produced so far for the programmes. Also via this page details of the various options to attend evening classes throughout the county is shown in a grid to enable a learner to link into the classes. A copy of the audio recorded with Mark Trevethan which explains why people should learn a little of the language.    It may well be worth transcribing the audio into a document as well.

Also you could look at a translation website that i we have found helpfall ourself, cornish dictonary